Energy Capital Group's Leadership

  • Originated, developed, invested more than $5B in industrial and technology businesses globally.
  • Founded by 2 separate investment firms, achieved significant value growth across portfolio of investments.
Meet the team

We are focused on serving regional needs across the energy sector and energy related services, linked to Saudi Arabia’s IKTVA and Vision 2030, that strives to create a champion in the industrial services sector:

  • KSA comparative energy advantage is substantial and creates a unique opportunity with expected supply/demand imbalances associated with energy transition.
  • Local and regional supply chain needs substantial capacity and capability to cope, desired efficiencies and technology advancements will support localizing supply chain.
  • Need for new technology, sectoral funding gaps, generational transition issues and localization drive to strengthen the case for the creation of this national champion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Energy Capital Group?

Energy Capital Group (ECG) and Cayan Holdings partnered and have launched a new fund with a focus on the Energy Sector & Energy Related Industries.

What is ECG's mission statement?

Focused on cleaner, more efficient and cutting-edge technologies.

What are our values?

Efficiency through expertise. 

What industries do we invest in?

Our fund strategy focuses on services related to the energy sector where we continue to see demand growth and a need for a solutions-oriented National Champion that brings technology-driven efficiencies.

How are we different?

Investing in cleaner, greener, faster, less labor intensive technology using AI and IoT through cutting edge global technology. 

Energy Capital Group
Masharik Tower, 3rd Floor
King Fahad Road, Al Moatamarat
District P.O. Box 10215 Riyadh
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia